Top 10 Caterers In Worcester, MA

If you’re looking for a caterer in Worcester, MA, then you’ve come to the right place. We have compiled a list of all our favorite catering companies. Whatever your taste buds desire, we hope that you enjoy reading this list!

Simply Delicious Catering is a catering company in Worcester, MA. They offer services for events of all sizes and types. Simply Delicious Catering can provide the perfect atmosphere to celebrate any occasion with friends, family, coworkers, or clients. From casual picnics to formal affairs – they have you covered!
Creedon and Co Inc is a catering business located in Worcester, MA. They provide catering services for events of all shapes and sizes. Creedon & Co Inc will be there with their signature style and impeccable service, from significant corporate events to intimate gatherings. With over 25 years of experience in the industry, they have developed strong relationships with top-quality caterers that can meet your needs no matter how big or small your event maybe!
The company was founded by Peter Creedon, who has a passion for cooking for people since he first learned how to cook at age 12 from his mother back home in Ireland. Now, as an adult living on the East Coast of America, he still enjoys taking care of others through food – Boston Market has satisfied hungry families for decades with quality home-style meals and catering services. They provide various healthy options, including oven-roasted chicken, turkey, meatloaf, ribs, and more – all made fresh in-store every day. With the help of Boston Market’s catering service, you can serve up hearty favorites at your next event!
Mac’s Diner and Catering is a catering company in Worcester, MA. Mac’s has been providing catering services to events since 1991. They specialize in weddings, proms, graduations, birthdays, or any other type of celebration. Mac’s offers delicious food with excellent service for every occasion!
Sara’s Cooking & Catering is a full-service, affordable catering company that has been providing wedding reception services as well as a personal chef and drop-off catering for corporate parties, Mitzvah events, graduations ceremonies, and more. Sara will work with you and your desired venue or bring the food to your own home of choice where they are able to ensure the perfect mix of feel while offering foods from all different cultures throughout the Worcester area.
Struck Catering started as a family-run catering company in Worcester, MA. Their years of experience have helped them to build up an incredible reputation for having the best food around, and their willingness to work with clients on any budget is what sets them apart from other caterers. In addition, they pride themselves on offering affordable services that can be tailored to fit your needs for all events!
Clambakes of Massachusetts is a catering company that provides food for various events. Clambakes of Massachusetts has been in the business since 1976, and they are dedicated to high-quality customer service, delicious food, and affordable prices. They have three different packages available for purchase: the Classic Package (includes clams, lobster, mussels, corn on the cob, potatoes), The Deluxe Package (includes everything in the classic package plus scallops), and The Premium Package (which includes everything in the other two boxes). Clambakes of Massachusetts also offers event catering services at an additional cost.
Gold Coast Catering & Restaurant is a catering business located in Worcester, MA. They provide catering services for all occasions. Their team of chefs and culinary professionals will work with you to create the perfect menu that fits your needs and budget. Gold Coast not only provides food but also offers rentals, set-up, bartending service, and more! They cater to many events, including weddings, birthday parties, anniversary celebrations, graduations, or any other event that deserves something special.
The Broadway Restaurant Catering and Ice Cream is a catering company located in Worcester, Massachusetts. The business provides catering services for events of all sizes and specializes in providing authentic Italian cuisine. Founded by Chef John Breault, the company has been serving its clients for over ten years with exceptional service. They provide everything from hors d’oeuvres to full-course meals and ice cream desserts, cannoli cakes, and more!

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